The Gerbermühle is an exquisite design hotel situated directly on the banks of the Main River, offering an unparalleled view of Frankfurt's skyline. In the 14th century, the fief was erected on the picturesque plot of land on the left bank of the River Main. This laid the foundation for a long, chequered history that has made the Gerbermühle a part of Frankfurt with historical relevance. In the 16th century, a corn mill was built. In the 17th century, the building was used as a tannery. The fief‘s two historic roles have given the Gerbermühle the name it still bears today ‘Gerber’ = tannery and ‘Mühle’ = mill.

For Gerbermühle, Kai Stuht approached his work with a distinctive conceptual focus to give the hotel in Frankfurt a unique style. The hotel, built on a centuries-old mill, provided inspiration for Kai Stuht to blend old paintings and meticulously gathered gilded frames from flea markets with his photographs. The bar at the Gerbermühle, with its unique arrangement, acts as a magnet for the beautiful and wealthy in Frankfurt. In the lobby, a 4-meter-tall portrait from a bygone era welcomes guests. The photography is further enhanced by Kai Stuht's unique styling in Baroque Fashion.

HOTEL: Gerbermühle
CITY: Frankfurt am Main | Germany
FACTS: Petersburger Hängung | 450 Polaroids for 5 walls FOR 5 | 
1 XL Picture with Frame 4 x 2,5m | 20 small Petersburger Hängung