Project Fovea is the second campaign by Kai Stuht, developed between 2011 and 2014, alongside the Ignorance pulls the Trigger campaign. It is another intuitive message that Kai Stuht derived from his intuitive consciousness. For months, he delved into societal problems, seeking solutions and insights from emotionally draining experiences. Project Fovea represents the understanding of all issues, where societal ignorance symbolizes reason, ego, destruction, and ultimately, the genocide of humanity, serving as a wake-up call.

Project Fovea emphasizes the need to pay more attention to our intuition and restore the balance with reason to foster the full human potential. Only in balance can we be the creators of our lives and the architects of this world. The Fovea Centralis, central in every moment, demonstrates that for the eye to create an image, it requires more than the light hitting the Fovea Centralis, representing the Now. The brain, encapsulating every moment, acts like an infinite reel of life, generating another building block for seeing with the past. Still, it cannot form an image until the third component of intuition, representing foresight/future, provides the eye with a picture every millisecond.

This concept is the blueprint for a balanced life. However, global societies often tilt strongly towards imbalance and reason. As a photographer, Kai Stuht has realized the significance of this understanding – every moment of seeing requires a balance of the Now, the Past/Reason, and Future/Intuition to create an image for humanity.

The two campaigns, Ignorance pulls the Trigger and Project Fovea, thus symbolize the Yin and Yang of this equilibrium.